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The numbers no one talks about

Right now the U.S. has estimated that over 290,000 people have died this year due to the coronavirus. This is all the media talks about. But here’s the truth, over 2.9 million people will die in the United States this year. So, what are the other 90% dying from? They are dying from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, vehicle accidents, suicides, murders and many other diseases. Rather than focus on one virus and one vaccine, especially if that vaccine becomes ineffective against the next version of coronavirus; why not focus on youyour health, your immune system, and your stress level.

For 2021, think about the ways you can live a healthier lifestyle:

· Get good sleep, 7-8 hours per night

· Drink a minimum of 60 ounces of clean water each day

· Eat the best quality food you can afford and NEVER microwave any of it

· Find time for a 30-minute walk or exercise of your choice at least 4 times per week and work up to 300 minutes per week if you want to lose weight.

· Laugh, read, recreate, and meditate to create your best self

· Look at your stressors and decide if you can lower any of them

And if you take enzymes, everything works better. Let’s hope and pray for a better 2021.

-Dr. Jackie Reed

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Reminding everyone that microwaving destroys almost all the micronutrients in your food and makes the food even harder to digest. Try warming up food on the stove top or toaster oven and get more from your food.

As for stressors, I don't think we are honest with ourselves. Resting heart rate is a good way to see if you are over-doing it. An increased resting heart rate is a sign we are doing too much. Checking in with your breath and literally a gut check can also help you say "no" instead of "yes" which is a great stress reducer.


Right on Dr. Jackie! Always wonder if we humans are honest, brutally honest with ourselves, about our "stressors." What do you think?


Why “NEVER microwave?”

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